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Editorials & Opinions

Social Justice & Healthcare Justice


Nguyen DH. "The Men Who Rescue Kidnapped Children: Boots, Guns, and Guts." Cancer InCytes. 2016 5(1):e. [Link]

This editorial celebrates three former military members who now rescue kidnapped children. The danger that they put themselves through in order to serve society in this way reminds us that freedom comes with a price.

Nguyen DH. "An Open Letter to Amnesty International: Informed Consent is No Match for Coercion." Cancer InCytes. 2015 4(2):e. [Link]

This editorial discusses why decrminalizing the buying of sex is well-meaning, but shorsighted -- a position adopted by Amnesty International in 2015. Trafficking survivors routinely admit that this protects pimps more than it does sex workers who are coerced, by violence and drug addiction, to enter or stay in the sex industry. It links to a page that contains letters written to Amnesty International by survivors who have first-hand knowledge of how the sex industry really works. 


Nguyen DH. "Educating the public for the sake of the future." Cancer InCytes. 2015 4(1):e [Link]

The editorial describes why the problem of child sex trafficking is so much deeper than cultural addictions -- it's a problem with the human heart. A case in point is Germany, which legalized prostition and then found a spike in child sex trafficking. Even with widely available legal and illegal sex trafficking, Germany still needed to ban bestiality due to 500,000 annual animal deaths due to extreme sexual practices.


Nguyen DH. "When do good data and sound arguments fail?" Cancer InCytes. 2014 3(2):e [Link]

This editorial describes the importance of good data and sound argumentation, especially when advocating for the needs of oppressed people. Sound argumentation is not meant to change the mind of the oppressor, but is meant to protect yourself from the oppressor's self-serving use of logic to coerce you into obedience. 


Nguyen DH. "Are Our Behaviors Solely Determined by Our Genes?" Cancer InCytes. 2014 3(1):e [Link]

This editorial critiques the over-emphasis of genetics as the only important influence on human behavior, providing evidence of the paradoxical nature of humanity. It highlights the negative impact that a gene-centric view of human behavior has on prejudice, educational reform, and medical research. 


Nguyen DH. "Response to: 'Cash for Kidneys: The Case for a Market for Organs.'" Cancer InCytes Blog. January 19, 2014 [Link]

Two economists propose a plan in the Wall Street Journal about opening a legal market for paid kidney donors in America. This article discusses the caveats for creating an open market for legal kidney trading. Informed consent is no match for coercion and exploitation. The poorest of the poor in developing nations become and must cover collateral costs.


Nguyen DH. "Can Morality Be Legislated?" Cancer InCytes. 2013 2(2):e [Link]

This editorial attempts to address the question of whether morality can be legislated. Leaving room for further debate, it argues that morality can be legislated if morality is defined as an action and not as the possession of a thought or desire. This article suggests that we already have legislated morality, and need to continue doing so in order to help those who are oppressed.


Nguyen DH. "The Power of Ideas to Shape People, Whether or Not They Are Completely True." Cancer InCytes. 2013 2(1):e. [Link]

This editorial discusses the power of an idea -- that is false, half-true, or partially true -- to shape people for better or worse. In particular it discusses how an incorrect view of DNA and genetics -- exemplified by the movie Gattaca -- can lead to discrimination and oppression. 

Nguyen DH. "Cancer Biologists Can't Solve it by Themselves." Cancer InCytes Blog. February 16, 2013. [Link]

This editorial discusses the complexity of the cancer problem in society. Cancer research and treatment involves more than just studying cells and molecules. It involves an interdisciplinary approach that addresses the legal, social, and criminal barriers to accessing healthcare and preventive measures.

Nguyen DH. "It's Just Unjust: Benefiting Cancer Research AND Social Justice." Cancer InCytes. 2012 1(1):e. [Link]

This is the inaugural Letter From The Editor for Cancer InCytes magazine. It discusses how cancer and social injustices, such as human slavery, are similar in their complexity. Both are multifaceted problems that require an interdisciplinary approach of problem solving.

Nguyen DH and Zhu J. "Re: O’Callaghan MG. The health care professional as a modern abolitionist." Permanente Journal. 2012 Spring;16(2):67-9. [Link]

This commentary is to praise the Permanente Journal for publishing an article about how healthcare providers can help fight human trafficking. 





Education & College Admissions


Nguyen DH. "6 Advantages of Earning College Credits in High School." ThinkTank Learning Blog, February 22, 2016. [Link]


Nguyen DH. "Why You Should Avoid Speed Reading." ThinkTank Learning Blog, February 19, 2016. [Link]

This article explains who you can increase your reading speed in addition to explaing why speed reading doesn't work.


Nguyen DH. "10 Tips on Reading Better While Retaining More." ThinkTank Learning Blog, February 8, 2016. [Link]

This article gives very useful advice about how to remember more of what you read. There are good strategies, but no easy shortcuts.


Nguyen DH. "5 Factors to Consider When Picking Your SAT/ACT Testing Location." ThinkTank Learning Blog, January 19, 2016. [Link]


Nguyen DH. "5 Things I Would Do Differently if I Were Applying to College Today." Noodle, October 30, 2015 [Link]

This article gives advice that will guide high school students as they prepare for college starting their freshman year. It also gives helpful hindsight perspective on the college application process and afterwards.


Nguyen DH. "6 Job Shadowing Tips to Maximize Your Experience." Noodle, September 28, 2015. [Link]

This article gives valuable information about what can be learned just from following someone around at work. This knowledge will help a person gain so much more out of a shadow day or internship.


Nguyen DH. "The Value of Playing Team Sports: Lifelong Skills for the Real World and Workplace." ThinkTank Learning Blog, August 12, 2015. [Link]

This article explains the 7 life-changing lessons that can be learned from playing sports, which are highly useful for succeeding in the workplace.


Nguyen DH. "The Art of Writing Resumes: How Long Does It Take to Burn a Sheet of Paper?" ThinkTank Learning Blog, August 5, 2015. [Link]

This essay gives insightful tips about writing effective resumes.


Nguyen DH. "Science Majors Make Bombs, Humanities Majors Prevent the Bombs From Going Off." ThinkTank Learning Blog, July 23, 2015. [Link]

This essay explains why it is important to study the humanities (history, literature, philosophy, law, music, and art) even if someone doesn't plan to major in a humanities field. The world actually depends on people who understand the humanities.




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